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Cinzia Maag, born in Perugia, central Italy, came to Switzerland as a little girl in the early sixties. School and apprenticeship were followed by her first job in a bank. “As soon as I know how something works, I want more. I want to move on.” As an ambitious employee pursuing a career, she still finds time for a family. Her name: Cinzia Maag. Years later, as a leading trust manager, Cinzia is asked if she would like to take on the Swiss representation for shoes from Italy. The successful businesswoman’s foible for fashion and design, her passion for shoes, was even then no secret among her friends.

Cinzia chooses to brave the unknown. And does what she has always done: gives it all she’s got. Other collections follow the first; marketing shoes as an agency is followed by imports as a wholesaler. Cinzia Maag makes Hunter Boots, the exclusive rubber boots from Scotland, into the well-known premium brand in Switzerland, in Germany and in Austria. Building the brand and selling products involves being present at all the major trade shows, and cultivating regular personal contact with selected shoe stores and boutiques. Cinzia hones her ability to discern what people need and want in the way of shoes, and to recognize trends in advance. And maybe to help shape trends too?

Lambskin boots, legendary since the hippie era, would have great potential if they looked that bit more chic, trendy and elegant. Of this Cinzia Maag was sure – and began to juggle with ideas, combine materials, and ultimately, when the first prototypes of her fashion boots had taken shape, to organize.

Cinzia Maag founded a company with her sons Danilo and Alessio, and recruited the help of German-Turkish Kamil to open up new avenues for individual, proficient, premium shoe production in Turkey. Danilo Maag gave the young brand the name INUIKII. With the inspiration of Greenland winters and Swiss hearts INUIKII is born. INUIKII, a name with two words describes the beauty of two stories. «INU» as a word means attractive or is also used for the describing word «girl». IKII on the other hand represents the cold and cosy side of the boots, «cold» in the language of the Inuit. Both words are a short story of what the boots are and will be in future: the beauty of the cold! Cold feet are unheard of for anyone who wears the lambskin-lined INUIKII BOOTS – some prefer to wear them barefoot, enjoying the unique feel of bare skin in direct contact with the fine natural fleece.

The basis of every INUIKII winter boot is the lambskin inner shoes in combination with a patented natural-rubber sole. Everything else, the outer shell of the shoe, is varied, is INUIKII. Is feminine, is freaky, is one of-a-kind – is Cinzia. When Cinzia designs a new collection, she experiments with fine-quality leathers and unusual furs, with many different textiles and glittering sequins, with colour prints and gleaming metals. When sixty to seventy new design variants are created per season, carefully made by hand, the spectrum ranges from restrained elegance to bold but artful mixes of materials and colours. Each creation is a piece of Cinzia Maag, for whom INUIKII is the fulfilment of a deep longing: “With INUIKII I combine creativity, business acumen and organisational skills in a way that maybe already slumbered in me as a little girl from Italy.”

Cinzia is at peace with herself. She has found the tranquillity to look and dream, smell, touch and play like a child. Cinzia has found the confidence to keep moving towards her next goal, entirely unhurried, yet driven by her innate purposeful instinct. Next, she’s planning to launch INUIKII BOOTS for spring, summer and autumn: a soft, casual, light interpretation of the successful winter boot. The same philosophy, the same approach – a type of summer boot that has never existed before. Loosely caressing the ankles. And with an aura of extravagance and exclusiveness that is second to none.